So we did some re-arranging around the house, moving a PC upstairs and another into the living room. I’ve had a successful bridge setup with a Netgear WNR3500L running DD-WRT into the living room with my main router being an Asus RT-AC66U (not B1) hooked up to the cable box in my family room.
First, I did not want to have to drill holes through the floor so I opted to relocate the Netgear router into my daughter’s room. One connection solved.
Second, I had an old Netgear WGPS606 (yeah, I know) that I tried using in the living room, then realized I stopped using the thing because it was done doing anything useful, at least wirelessly. The 4-port switch on it still seems to run OK. At any rate, that was a dead end so I decided I would have to buy another router. I got the Asus RT-AC1200 on sale for under 50 bux at Microcenter. Yeah! What a steal! Figured I’d pop DD-WRT or Merlin into it and I’d be done. I was so wrong.

I get home, plug everything in, only to find there is no wireless bridging feature in the stock firmware. Bummer. Checked DD-WRT compatibility. No go. Merlin? Yeah, only AC56U and up buddy. Shit! I was going to have to do an exchange for this sucker, and I hate doing that, dunno why exactly, I just don’t like it. So I start digging around on the interwebs, surely someone a heck of a lot smarter than me has figured this out. As it turns out, the darn router runs a Mediatek chipset instead of Broadcom … which is probably why DD-WRT doesn’t work.

Then, I found this gem …

I followed the links and ended up here …

I downloaded the rescue app, and the customized N600 firmware, decided to go with the FULL version that includes minidlna and a few other tidbits. All indications are that the router flash hardware could take it. Then I did the whole rescue bit, forcing the custom firmware into the unit. It was done in a few minutes, and the blue lights coming on was a good sign. Switching my IP scheme back to DHCP, I was able to login to the router using default credentials.

I configured the static IP to not conflict with my other routers (1 & 2, so this was 3), turned off DHCP and the 2.4G radio, and configured the 5G interface as an AP-client to my main router.
Voila! What would have been an exchange, is now a full fledged N600 (or AC56U) clone! And the second connection is solved!


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